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22 Dec 2014 

1200 Calorie Diabetic Diet

Diabetestype 2 (adult-onset diabetes) is a condition in which the body is unable to properly use or produce insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar.This calls for a restrictive diet in order to keepblood sugar levelsinto line.Weight loss can also help restore insulin sensitivity in diabetes, causing the loss of excess pounds a crucial objective for diabetics.A1200 calorie diabetic dietcan definitely help to lose weight, but this approach only with your doctor's consent, because it's a pretty low-calorie diet.1200 calorie diabetic diet


1200 calorie diabetic diet
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Diabetes Diet Principles

Understand theprinciples of a dietso that you can observe the diet plan, without an explicit daily menu.According to information from the Mayo Clinic, thedietis all about carbohydrate control.The goal of thedietis to both the quantity and nature of the consumed carbohydrates to regulate blood sugar limit.1200 calorie diabetic diet.This means that you have to limit yourself to only the carbohydrates that digest slowly, so have less of an effect on blood sugar.They are vegetables, fruits and whole grains (in that order of preference).Avoid other types of carbohydrates, including sugars, alcohols and refined flour, as these can worsen the symptoms.Beyond carbohydrates contain a lot of lean protein and unsaturated fats with every meal, because these can help slow digestion and prevent the blood sugar from spiking to an undesirable level.Strive for a steady food intake throughout the day.On a 1200-calorie diet, you should aim for four small meals of 300 calories per evenly spaced apart (at 01: 57 pm).
1200 calorie diabetic diet

1400 calorie diabetic diet
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  • Breakfast, consume two eggs (140 calories) with a slice of whole wheat toast (75 calories) and a medium-sized Apple (95 calories).This puts your breakfast in 305 calories, right on pace for a 1200 calorie diet.
  • Lunch, consume a Turkey sandwich with two slices of whole wheat bread (150 calories), three grams of fresh Turkey (160 calories) and a small amount of lettuce and tomato (negligible calories).
  • Dinner, consume about four ounces of tilapia (150 calories) with one ounce of brown rice (100 calories) and a bowl of broccoli (negligible calories).Flavor of the broccoli with a half tablespoon of olive oil (60 calories).As a snack, an ounce of roasted almonds (170 calories) with two grams of dried apricots (140 calories).This will get you to your 1200 calories brand without disrupting your blood sugar levels.1200 calorie diabetic diet

1200 calorie diabetic diet


Summation calories of this menu for each time is equal to 1200 calories.1200 calorie diabetic dietis the way to make you safe from diabetes.and also can reduce your weight.You must follow this step strictly and you will see the good result.


I hope this content will help if you have anything to add.Please do not hesitate to contact me or you can post in the comment below.



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22 Dec 2014 


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